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Discuss the differences between FileNet P8 3.5 and FileNet P8 4.0 versions?

With FileNet P8 4.0 release, FileNet introduced a major architectural shift in the platform and framework. The 4.0 version was launched wi...


Why most of the people choose Java in IBM FileNet implementation?

FileNet Content Engine (CE), Process Engine 5.X (PE) and Application Engine (AE); all are J2EE applications installed on J2EE Applicati...


IBM FileNet P8 software for Trail or Training

BM FileNet P8 suite of products is not available as trial version. There are multiple ways to get FileNet software’s for training or devel...


Which protocol is used by FileNet P8 Process Engine (PE) to connect to Content Engine (CE) or Application Engine (AE)?

IIOP is used by PE to communicate with CE and AE.  IIOP means 'Internet Inter-ORB Protocol' ORB means 'Object Request Br...


Does FileNet component CE, PE, AE support server clustering? What kind of clustering is supported by FileNet P8?

IBM FileNet P8 platform supports Asymmetric, Symmetric, N + 1, and N to M clusters. This includes IBM FileNet Content Engine, Process Engi...


What is document lifecycle in IBM FileNet

Document lifecycle in FileNet P8 is a sequence of states (like Draft, Review, Publish, close etc) that a document will go though over its ...


What is IBM FileNet Technology

IBM FileNet is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution product suite from IBM. Enterprises uses FileNet to manage their content a...

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