The family products of IBM FileNet P8

In addition to IBM FileNet Business Process Manager, the IBM FileNet P8 family of products include back-end services, development tools, and applications that address enterprise content and process management requirements. The IBM FileNet P8 Platform enable users to automate business processes, access and direct all forms of content, and automate records management to help meet compliance supplies. It is a dependable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables users to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information to increase overall operational efficiency.
The family products of IBM FileNet P8
The IBM FileNet P8 Platform uses an open, standards-based J2EE architecture, and is designed to fit in a variety of environments including Microsoft.NET. It chains a large selection of databases, applications, operating systems, portals, security frameworks, storage, systems management tools, and Web server environments.

The IBM FileNet P8 family of products are divided into three major categories:
  • Content Process
  • Compliance
IBM FileNet content products
IBM FileNet Content Manager
Content Federation Services (CFS)

Content Federation Services for Image Services (CFS-IS)
IBM FileNet process products
IBM FileNet compliance products
IBM FileNet Records Manager

Document centric
Event based

IBM FileNet Records Crawler
IBM FileNet Email Manager
IBM FileNet system management tools
IBM FileNet System Monitor (FSM)

IBM FileNet System Manager

There is also a set of tools that the IBM FileNet P8 Platform provides for system management.

The IBM FileNet P8 family of products provides comprehensive enterprise content management functions and offers a number of products in the content management category.

IBM FileNet Content Manager manages highly customized and complex content types while maintaining secure control over metadata and compliance activities. At the core of IBM FileNet Content Manager are the repository services for capturing, managing, and storing your business-related digital assets. Multiple repositories, called object stores, can be created and managed within a single system to serve the business requirements. article stores can be configured to store contented in a database, a file system, a fixed content device (such as an IBM FileNet Image Services repository, Network Appliance™ SnapLock, or Centera), or a combination of these options.

An object store is capable of storing a variety of business-related data — for example, an auto insurance claim, a customer mortgage loan account, or information about business partners. It can also store any type of structured or formless content such as XML documents, Microsoft Office documents, Web pages, photos, voice data, images, process definitions, templates, and more. 

CFS provides the capabilities to integrate with and manage content in both IBM FileNet and non-IBM FileNet content repositories.

Content Federation Services for Image Services (CFS-IS) natively integrates and federates content from Content Engine and Image Services repositories. CFS-IS enables Content Engine to use Image Services as another substance storage device. Users of IBM FileNet P8 applications have full access to content stored in existing Image Services repositories.

Anything that is created in Workplace or created programmatically via the Content Engine APIs can be stored in the Image Services everlasting storage infrastructure. Existing Image Services content is preserved and usable by Image Services applications, and reusable by the IBM FileNet P8 family of products, such as IBM FileNet Workplace and IBM FileNet Records Manager, without duplication and without change to obtainable applications. The location of document content is transparent to all applications.

The IBM FileNet P8 family of products provides enterprise process management. The products presented in this category include IBM FileNet Business Process Manager, IBM FileNet Business Process Framework, IBM FileNet eForms, and IBM FileNet Business Activity Monitor. For a pithy description of these products, “BPM application development options”

IBM offers a cohesive compliance framework that combines e-mail and file system capture with records policies and BPM processes. Using the IBM FileNet P8 family of products, compliance can be enforced automatically without user involvement.
There are three core products under the compliance framework: IBM FileNet Records Manager, IBM FileNet Records Crawler, and IBM FileNet Email Manager.

The IBM FileNet P8 Platform and IBM FileNet Records Manager provide the software components together in a single system architecture to assist organizations in achieving records management acquiescence, with no user involvement. The completely automated assertion and classification of records is called ZeroClick in the IBM FileNet compliance framework. IBM FileNet Records Manager helps solve regulatory compliance and records management issues by helping organizations easily capture, organize, monitor, retrieve, and retain records for improved decision making and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Records can be automatically captured, declared, and classified, using any one of the following methods:

The declaration and classification of records are based on documents. When a file is saved to a particular folder in the IBM FileNet P8 content repository, the system responds to certain criteria to declare and classify the document as a record. The progression can be set up to be completely transparent to users, eliminating the necessity for additional steps or manual decisions associated with records declaration and classification.

The declaration and classification of records are based on events. subsequent certain events or transactions associated with Web-based or line-of-business applications, records can be automatically captured and classified, based on pre-defined criteria or rules, such as the type of transactions or metadata associated with the transactions.

The declaration and classification of records are based on business processes. At programmed points in a business process, records can automatically be identified, declared, and accurately classified, based on pre-defined criteria or data from the business process.
IBM FileNet Records Manager reduces the risk of litigation and provides business continuity by enforcing corporate compliance procedures, storing only records that are necessary and only for as long as they are required, and ensuring that expired records are destroyed in a legally acceptable manner.

IBM FileNet Records Crawler is a capture tool (or application) that scans through file systems and, based on particular rules, captures and stores electronic files into Content Engine where they can be affirmed and classified as records.

IBM FileNet Email Manager is similar to IBM FileNet Records Crawler but processes e-mails on Exchange, Domino and Groupwise e-mail servers. It helps organizations easily capture, organize, monitor, retrieve, retain and share e-mail content for enhanced decision making and devotion to regulatory requirements.

The IBM FileNet P8 Platform offers tools that make available monitoring of system components and applications for instance the Process Engine, database, IBM FileNet P8 Image Services. The system management tools include IBM FileNet P8 System Monitor and IBM FileNet System Manager.

The IBM FileNet P8 Platform supports enterprise wide and mission critical applications in which the ease of use of a system is imperative. In order to realize high availability and maximum uptime, organizations must have hardware and software that supports a high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure. In addition, it is important to have a system to monitor all areas of software operation and report any problems.

IBM FileNet System Monitor automates the monitoring of the entire IBM FileNet P8 environment, including software components, application servers, databases, log files, network communication and devices, and the full range of IBM FileNet storage libraries.

IBM FileNet System Manager is a tool for collecting and distributing performance data on the complete IBM FileNet P8 family of products, independent of the operating system. The performance data gathered is existing through a dashboard.
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