FileNet Interview Questions

IBM Interview Questions

1. What is FileNet Technology?
A. FileNet is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution product suite from IBM. Enterprises uses FileNet to manage their content and business processes.
FileNet P8 platform, the latest version of FileNet system, provides a framework for developing custom enterprise systems, offering much functionality out of the box and capable of being customized to manage a specific business process.
FileNet Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite includes:

Content Management Products:

FileNet Content Manager (CE) – CE is the core content management solution for the FileNet P8 platform.
FileNet Image Services (IS) – IS is used to store and manage documents.

Business Process Management Products: 

FileNet BPM :- BPM manages workflows to reduce cycle times and to improve productivity by streamlining and improving complex processes.
BPM component includes Process Engine, Process Analyzer and Process Simulator.

2. What is File Store and File Store Policy?
A. File Store is the physical folder where FileNet stores documents.
Multiple File Stores can be created to store documents at two different places.
This type of setup is called File Store Farm.
File Store Policy allows distribution of documents in File Store Farm.

3. What is document class in FileNet Content Engine?
A. The FileNet P8 platform object model describes how objects receive their properties and security from the class on which they are based.

Document class in FileNet is for classification of documents.

All the properties and security settings of document class are inherited by the document objects added under the document class.

A document's security and system generated properties (date and time, initial storage location, and so on) are determined by the document's class.

Documents can be classified under document classes through manual classification or automatic document classification process. 

In case of manual classification, document class name is provided while adding a document to CE repository.

If user has specified the auto classification while adding a document, CE's 'Document Classification Manager' parses the document and assign document class to it based on the classification module define for particular type (MIME) of document.

4. Where FileNet Content Engine (CE) physically stores documents?

A. FileNet Content Engine can be configured to store documents at following places:
  • In Database as blobs (IBM recommended maximum document size to store as blob is 10 KB)
  • In File Store
  • In Fixed Storage Devices (like EMC Centera)
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