IBM FileNet P8 software for Trail or Training

BM FileNet P8 suite of products is not available as trial version. There are multiple ways to get FileNet software’s for training or development purposes:

IBM FileNet P8 software for Trail or Training
IBM FileNet P8 product suite for development / training environment can be rented from IBM for a small monthly price.
If your company is an IBM partner, you can get the IBM FileNet P8 VMware image from IBM specially designed for training. This VMware image comes with Windows 2003 OS and full set of FileNet P8 Products / Training installed on it. The size of this VM image varies from 15 GB to 50 GB and it requires at least 2 GB of RAM on your machine to run it.

For IBM FileNet Training on Both Development and Administration please Contact Here VirtualNugets
virtualnuggets 5701686992049519688

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