Discuss the differences between FileNet P8 3.5 and FileNet P8 4.0 versions?

With FileNet P8 4.0 release, FileNet introduced a major architectural shift in the platform and framework. The 4.0 version was launched with 75 new features. Some of the difference between 3.5 and 4.0 FileNet releases are described as below:

IBM FileNet P8 3.5

  • Content Engine was a C++ application running as a Microsoft Windows service.
  • Global Configuration Database (GCD) is stored in local file system.
  • In 3.5.2, communication between the AE and CE leveraged SOAP on the default port 8008.
  • Process Routers were user for communication between PE API’s and PE or CE and PE.
  • Process Routers were started and stopped as Services within Windows by P8 administrator’s manually.
Discuss the differences between FileNet P8 3.5 and FileNet P8 4.0 versions?

IBM FileNet P8 4.0
  • Content Engine is a Java based implementation running within a J2EE application server environment.
  • Thus CE is become platform independent.
  • CE uses out of box connection pooling, EJBs etc J2EE app server features.
  • GCD is reformatted as an XML schema and is stored in the database used by the CE.
  • In 4.0, these engines can communicate using the default EJB transport or Web services transport.
  • Connection points replace the Process Routers. Connection points are stored in GCD and doesn’t require and start and stop.
In FileNet P8 4.5 CE, installation is separated from configuration. Earlier when they were together, in case of any wrong configuration while installing FileNet, the whole installation process was repeated. FileNet Configuration Manager is used to configure FileNet in 4.5 version.

FileNet Deployment Manager was introduced in FileNet P8 4.5. Deployment Manager helps to move configuration & data from one FileNet Environment to another.
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